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The UK DNS server was migrated from Manchester to London


San Jose - California - USA (nsus02.stellardns.com)

Our DNS server is located in the CoreSite datacenter, and using IPs on the AS53667/AS18779 network. More info on this network and their peering can be found here and here.

Chicago - Illinois - USA (nsus01.stellardns.com)

Our DNS server is part of the ServerHub Network on AS62904 (info)

London - UK (nseu01.stellardns.com)

The DNS server is located in Level 3 Goswell Road Datacenter on the AS43082 network

Amsterdam - Netherlands (nseu02.stellardns.com)

Our DNS server in the Netherlands (Holland) is on the YISP network (that is AS20495)

Sydney - Australia (nsau01.stellardns.com)

Our DNS server in Australia is on the Crucial Paradigm network in Sydney (that is AS38544)